Visit of the museum of the cider at the farm hotte


1 entrance to the Museum of cider bought = 1 admission offered (an advantage of 4.50 €)


Gérard Hotte grows his apple trees, presses his cider, sells it and in addition tells you the history of this drink that he is passionate about. He opened a museum of cider at Eaux Puiseaux.


The collection is highlighted on 300m2: a dozen presses in working order of various eras, apple crushers, stills and distillation apparatuses, a series of cider documents of the beginning of the century ... It is the fruit of a " A passion of collector who wants to benefit everyone. Most of the pieces originating in the Pays d'Othe are quite old and their evolution is the witness of the ingenuity of the man in his "quest" of cider. The oldest, a "parrot wheel press" dates back to 1680. Gérard Hotte also owns the first hydraulic press dating from the late nineteenth century. "Pressed to the old". Each year, to prove that an eighteenth-century slaughterhouse still works perfectly, Gérard Hotte organizes in September the "Pressée à l'ancienne".


The museum became animated and became an Ottoman farm in the middle of the 19th century. The carrots bring the sour fruits. And the men dressed in their blue blouse break the apples in the millstone pushed by a team of oxen, press the old way and offer the visitors the first juice. The museum is open all year by appointment.


22 rue Largentier


03 25 42 15 13